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Actually I don’t want Johnlock as endgame. I want it as pre-endgame.

That Johnlock will be canon one series before the last, so that there is still one series left to show people that it would change nothing - besides the occasional hands holding & kiss, or a hint that they slumber in the same bed - of the actual plot or bring a mayor change in the character. Or maybe that your sexuality does not define you and is only a small part of who you are.

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S: John!
J: Aw, c’mon Sherlock. Just one kiss!
S: You are insufferable!
J: But it’s tradition!
S: Since when have I cared about the practices of normal people?
J: Indulge me.
S: But you’re a doctor! You know just how unhygienic kissing is!
J: Oh come off it you berk!
S: I don’t want your cooties! There’s no known cure! I could die!
J: Mmm, you’re right. Could be… dangerous.
S: …Yes. I suppose it could.

In which two idiots come together under the mistletoe. Sherlock’s scared away yet another of John’s dates, so John turns to his best friend for his Christmas kiss.

This is my Sherlock Secret Santa gift for aerolock!
I hope you like it! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

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